Facial And Skin Discoloration Treatment

By Patricia | June 11, 2009
Facial And Skin Discoloration Treatment

Skin discoloration can be caused due a number of factors. However on a broader level they can be categorized under the following two vital factors: hereditary reasons and prolonged exposure to the sun. Hereditary reasons cause skin discoloration like freckles while an extrapolation of this theory can also explain diseases like leukoderma and even liver spots. Both of these are conditions occur due to a trigger in the body. This trigger makes the body attack the pigment cells or shut them off completely. Today, a trip to the cosmetic surgeon practicing laser surgery solves most skin conditions.

For the other type of skin discoloration, which is probably hyper pigmentation and an excessive skin tan, the treatment method revolves around the concept of limiting further exposure to the sun and waiting for the body to heal itself. Skin-whitening creams speed up this process. Skin whitening is a bleaching that occurs chemically. The oxidized salts that comprise skin pigments return to a deoxidized state and the appearance of fairness occurs. The interesting part of skin care therapy is that the skin is one of the only organs that keep renewing quickly. This is why some people can start seeing the results of a receding tan over the course of weeks rather than months. Try using some of these skin-whitening creams over the darker areas of your skin to check their effectiveness. Along with these, you should also try to use some home remedies to boost the process. All these also require you to be a healthy individual whose diet supports a good skin. A good bleaching home remedy to try is the use of vitamin C and E. Vitamin C has a bleaching effect on the skin and Vitamin E has the effect of suppressing melanin production – melanin is the skin’s pigmentation formula.

Home Treatment

Buy some vitamin E capsules from your local drugstore. Break one of the capsules and apply the oil over the discolored skin area. Leave it and if possible try to massage it into the skin as well. Vitamin C treatment requires diced onions and lemon juice. Squeeze the juices out of the diced onions, mix it with lemon juice, and apply it all over the discolored areas. Check for effectiveness every week and not everyday. Doing this for a long period should provide you with some relief. Try to avoid sunlight and even on cloudy days, you should try to avoid going out between noon and dusk to avoid tanning.

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