Yoga & Pilates Exercise to Cure Spinal Stiffness

By Patricia | December 16, 2008
Yoga & Pilates For Spine Problems

Can Yoga And Pilates Be Done With A Fused Spine

While you must consult your doctor before you begin Pilate or yoga, these forms of exercise are possible with a fused spine and scoliosis. In fact, it’s believed that both yoga as well as Pilate helps people with spinal problems to cope with the pain and stiffness.

Scoliosis: Those with scoliosis have a spine that is curved from side to side, and the spine may also be rotated. It is an abnormal curvature of the spine. If you look at an x-ray of the spine of a person with scoliosis, then it looks like a S or a C, instead of a straight line that it generally is in other people.

Spinal Fusion For Scoliosis: This is a major surgery where screws, rods, hooks and wires are attached to the curvature to straighten the spine. Small pieces of bone are placed over the spine so that the pieces grow together with the spinal bone and finally form a proper position.

Yoga And Pilate With A Fused Spine: Yes, you certainly can do yoga and Pilate postures with a fused spine. Several people with fused spines find it possible to do these gentle stretching and strengthening exercises. Those who do yoga begin with postures like standing poses that require you to bend your hips, while the spine stays in a neutral position.

The first and the most important thing is to speak to your doctor and find a qualified and experienced yoga professional who can work with you and suggest appropriate postures. You should not attempt any yoga or Pilate postures without medical guidance.

Your physician or therapist will help you modify some of the basic yoga and Pilate postures and guide you through your practice. The basic principles that are kept in mind while prescribing postures for people with fused spines is that the postures should lengthen the spine and stretch those muscles that are imbalanced. The postures should also strengthen the back and the spine.

Yoga and Pilate help those with a fused spine and scoliosis by working on the structural alignment and the body alignment. Yoga and Pilate result in a better posture as well as effortless posture. The strengthening and stretching poses reduce the pain that people with fused spines and scoliosis feel.

If you’ve chosen yoga and Pilate, do not aim for perfection in postures and just do as much as you can.

There are various approaches to doing yoga and Pilate with Scoliosis and fused spine. You can begin your practice under the guidance of an exercise expert and help yourself and your back become stronger with these two forms of exercise.

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