Yoga Music Rejuvenates Senses And Energizes While Yoga Practice

By Patricia | November 25, 2008
Yoga Music For Relaxation

Practicing yoga with soothing music is a good idea. You need music that will follow the rhythm of the postures you practice. What you need is music that will soothe and calm the body and the mind while you meditate and exercise. If you take care to choose the right music, then it will rejuvenate your senses and energize you while you practice yoga.

The Kind Of Music You Should Choose: While there aren’t any hard and fast rules for choosing music for yoga, you may want to choose something that doesn’t hamper your concentration while you do yoga. If the music you’ve chosen has words, then sub-consciously you’ll be following the lyrics rather than paying attention to your movements and breathing. So, instrumental music is good for yoga. You may even like music with chants, especially chants sung in a language that you don’t understand because then the words are less likely to draw away your concentration or distract you.

You may also like guitar or sitar music, gospel music or instrumental versions of film tracks. Meditative and calming, flute, harp and drum music can help you relax and enjoy your yoga workout.

Choosing The Right Music: You can buy CD's that have music especially for yoga practice. These generally begin with soothing music that gets you into the mood of yoga and meditation. The music slowly becomes more lively as you do your postures and stretching exercises, and then slows down again as you begin to relax and end the yoga session. The last track is usually on a quieter note so that you can begin your meditation.

While, there are several types of music that can be used for yoga, you may want to choose a few tapes from the following: special yoga music; Celtic; nature relaxation; classical music; American flute; world music; meditation; sounds of natural elements like flowing water. Slow and contemplative, these types of music will help you concentrate and relax. The basic thumb rule for choosing music for yoga is that it should be something that you like listening to; but again not music that you like so much that you’ll feel like breaking into a song and dance session.

The Place To Look For Yoga Music: Search the internet and music websites for good yoga music. Check out the music options and listen to the scores before downloading any of it. Yoga centers are good sources of music. You can ask your yoga instructor or yoga participants for recommendations.

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