Christian Yoga For Becoming Physically Healthy and Spiritually Calm

By Patricia | November 24, 2008
Christian Yoga: Spiritually Calm

Christian yoga is an ancient practice with a new approach. Those who practice Christian yoga, aim to become physically healthy and spiritually calm.

Concept: Christian yoga is the Christian approach to yoga and it combines two important goals: becoming spiritually as well as physically healthy. Yoga tends to calm the mind and practitioners believe that through yoga they can connect with God. Ancient Yoga has its roots deep in eastern philosophy, but its appeal has been broadened by giving it a Christian basis. This enables Christians seeking spirituality through yoga to achieve it in a religious environment. So, through Christian yoga, they are able to practice this ancient form of exercise and meditation in a Christian environment.

Scripture yoga: This is a form of Christian yoga, where verses of the Biblical scripture, with themes like angels, peace, and prayer, are recited while performing the postures and stretches. The essence of Scripture yoga is to exercise one’s body and mind while reciting God’s Holy Word.

Origin: Christian yoga originated in the US several years ago and has now become popular with people all across the world. The mass appeal of this form of exercise and spirituality lies in the fact, that it not only brings long-lasting peace and serenity, but is also a communion with Jesus Christ.

Popularity: Compatibility in philosophies is a major reason behind the popularity of Christian yoga amongst Christians. There is a world of difference in the values, principles and customs of the western and the eastern world. So yoga with its Hindu philosophies and roots is often not spiritually compatible with the western mind. Whereas, Christian yoga offers people the benefits of this ancient exercise form with Christian values, teachings and beliefs, which makes it acceptable to several Christians. This form of yoga offers people a combination of spiritual principles and attitudes.

Yoga has always been something fascinating and mysterious to the west, which also means that it has often been misunderstood. Many felt that the spirituality of yoga threatened or was incompatible with their traditional values. This opposition however has subsided as with the growing popularity and widespread acceptance of yoga, its true value has come to be realized. Yoga is not just about spirituality, but is about a disciplined way of life, physically, intellectually and spiritually, irrespective of your religious beliefs.

It definitely doesn’t imply changing or modifying ones religious beliefs; it’s a personal approach and its influence depends on how you want to imbibe it in your life.

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