Nada Yoga

Nada Yoga involves experiencing the subtler vibrations caused by the internal music and sounds of the body. By tuning in to these sounds, a practitioner is able to attain a state of complete silence and peace.

Nada yoga is more of an experiential form of yoga and hence one can delve into it without any intellectual understanding of the practice.


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According to the philosophy of Nada yoga, there are external and internal sounds. External sounds are those which originate from elements outside the body, while internal sounds are those which come from within the body. Through the practice of Nada yoga, a practitioner is able to hear the external sounds as well as the natural sounds that emanate from within.

Practicing Nada Yoga

It is quite easy to practice this style of yoga. Nada Yoga training is focused on sound and hence the practice requires music. You can choose from various options such as Indian classical music or sounds of nature such as the humming of a bird. It is important that the music is relaxing and helps to induce a sense of calm. Avoid any music or sound that is harsh on the ears. Also, instrumental music is necessary since any music with words or voice may limit the meaning of the music. In Nada Yoga meditation, one should use only the sound to access the inner sentiments and thoughts.

Nada Yoga sessions

In a Nada Yoga workshop, the practitioners simply sit and focus on the music in the background. This is done for about 10 to 15 minutes daily. It is best to listen to the same form of music for a while. Once this becomes a habit, you will be able to hear the external sound and also tune in to the subtler inner sounds from within. Nada yoga practice enables you to get in touch with your inner spirit with the help of sound. This has a calming effect on the mind and is even known to sharpen the listening skills.

Most practitioners prefer to engage in Nada yoga practice from midnight till the early hours of the morning since there are minimal external sounds during this time. Most also find it an added benefit to close their eyes and switch off the lights. This kind of practice is not restricted to only meditation sessions. Certain lifestyle changes such as healthy, balanced diet also assist in bringing about physical and mental peace.

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