Integral Yoga: Foods and Benefits

Integral Yoga Introduction

Integral yoga has been formed on the basis of Sri Swami Sachidananda’s teachings. From India, Swami Sachidananda went to the United States in the 1960s and founded many institutes of Integral yoga.

Integral yoga is a Hatha practice that is gentle, and the classes usually consist of meditation, kriyas, chanting, and breathing exercises.


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The name ‘Integral yoga’ refers to its aim in integrating the spirit, mind, and body. The intention of Integral yoga is to provide students with the tools necessary to live a joyful, healthy, and peaceful life.

Integral Yoga Benefits

There cannot be purification of the mind if there are no good thoughts being channelized to heighten the mental aspects. In integral yoga, there is no separation of psychology from spirituality. Sri Aurobindo has the belief that there should be complete synthesis spiritually, in psychology, mind, and body to bring about a more charismatic world. The sun is a great energy source, and it helps people activate their lives more competently. Practicing the Integral yoga poses will help you receive the solar energy to upgrade your life. Integral yoga also helps increase the endurance and stamina of the practitioner. It helps the individual maintain proper focus in life. Most people are trapped in a well of ignorance, anxiety, and frustration. They desire a force that will help give them the energy to succeed. Integral yoga brings spirituality under better scrutiny to allow more effective contemplation.

Integral Yoga Foods

Integral Yoga foods consist of whole, organic and healthy food that is purely vegetarian. Some of the members may at times do some light fasting, but it is not necessary. Lot of whole grains like brown rice and basmati rice is eaten. Other whole grains like buckwheat, spelt, and millet are also eaten. Sea vegetables are also part of the diet that is wholesome and brings balance to the body with trace minerals. Proper vitamins and minerals present in whole foods make the immune system strong and helps keep the organs like the kidneys and liver in good functioning order. Classes of Internal hatha yoga guide the practitioner to go gently into each of the poses and feel the effects in each of them. There is no competitive element in the classes. Awareness, acceptance, and silence are used to bring relaxation to the body and to calm the mind. There are plenty of Integral yoga institutes present in the US and India, which you can look up on the Internet. You can choose one that is closest to your area.

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