Ishta Yoga

Ishta Yoga

Ishta yoga is actually an acronym which stands for Integrated Sciences of Hatha, Tantra, and Ayurveda. This discipline was started by Alan Finger.

The meaning for ‘ishta’ is ‘individual’. Ishta yoga concentrates on the individual to make them comfortable in themselves.


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Hatha is the main physical part of Ishta yoga. The poses are created to revitalize and strengthen the physical body.

Tantra :

Tantra is the philosophic part of Ishta yoga. Tantra comes from two words trayati and tanoti, which means ‘liberation’ and ‘expansion’. Using the tools of tantra while meditating, like yantra shape and mantra sound, you can enter into a blissful state within yourself.

Ayurveda :

Ayurveda is the third part of Ishta yoga. Ayurveda is a healing system originated in India that focuses on balancing your constitution while considering what affects you in a positive and negative way.

Ishta Yoga Benefits:

Some of the benefits of Ishta yoga are an energized mind, flexibility, and the elimination of various diseases. The Hatha yoga poses in Ishta yoga makes sure that there is proper muscle contraction and stretching. The various poses help increase the flexibility of the joints. Ishta yoga brings unity to the body and mind. It is also considered to be good for personality development.

It will help you to become smatter and bolder. It has become quite popular with teenagers who are stressed and have mental disturbances.

Ishta Yoga Centers:

Though Ishta yoga centers are present in different countries like Japan, Canada, England, Australia and the United States, the central location is New York City. You can find regular Ishta yoga teacher training classes in New York. The teacher training classes happen in nearby locations like Maryland from time to time, but they are not very many. You can check the Internet for other areas that offer Ishta yoga teacher training classes. The teacher trainings in Ishta yoga promote individuality and help each person define and discover their own path.

For many individuals just beginning teaching will help improve their flexibility and also improve the way they teach and learn. The Ishta yoga schedule may include injury management, restorative yoga, pre-natal yoga, Sanskrit, anatomy, yoga history, Tantric philosophy, pranayama, postural alignment, asana, meditation, and much more. The teachings are based on ancient Indian teachings, but they also consider the modern approach and perspective to yoga. Though this style of yoga is not as popular as the other forms of yoga, it is still considered of great value because of the respect it has towards the history and lineage of the origin of yoga.

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