What is tantra yoga?

(July 1, 2010)

What Is Tantra Yoga

Tantra Yoga is a form of Yoga that takes a holistic approach to the study of the entire universe, from an individual’s point of view. Its main objective is to allow practical means of realizing even the highest ideals of philosophy in our everyday lives. Many people consider Tantra Yoga to consist of practices that include only sex, black magic and witchcraft. However, that is not really true. Tantra Yoga follows the tenet that sexual feeling and contact are not only acceptable, but they can be used for enlightenment. This differs from other paths of Yoga, which state that sexual involvement can be damaging to the greater development of the self. There are several theories about the true meaning and purpose of Tantra Yoga. However, it can safely be said that Tantra promotes personal growth and enlightenment and Tantric Yoga includes many sciences like astrology, astronomy, alchemy, numerology, psychology, mathematic, geometry, physics, chemistry and many more. The means for achieving the ends differ in Tantra Yoga.

In order to get started on this style of Yoga, it is first important to find a qualified guru (teacher), with whom you feel comfortable. This may take a while, but is absolutely essential, as spiritual fulfillment depends a lot on this. Once you do find a teacher, before you start learning the various Tantra Yoga asanas (poses), it is important to understand its theory, ethic, meaning, requirements and purpose.

Practicing Tantra Yoga

Before you start practicing any of the poses, it is important to take a shower, to cleanse and invigorate your body. Make sure that you are dressed appropriately, in lose, minimal clothing and have a Yoga mat at hand. It is important to ensure that you can focus on the practice of these positions for at least half an hour, without any interruptions. Given below are some Tantra Yoga poses for beginners. A good teacher will show you exactly how to perform them:

• Bhujang asana (The Snake Pose)
• Ardha kurmak asana (The Half Tortoise Pose)
• Yogas asana (The Self Massaging Pose)
• Shav asana (The Corpse Pose)

Using the correct breathing techniques is of utmost importance. As you master these poses, your teacher will guide you to the next level.

Benefits of Tantra Yoga

One of the most essential parts of Tantra Yoga is overcoming bad habits, which include excessive drinking, overeating and smoking. It can help you to expand your consciousness so that you give up various self-destructive habits.


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