Om Yoga

Om yoga or Pranava yoga is one of the classical methods of meditation, which originated in India. 'Pranava' is a Sanskrit word which means both 'life giver' and 'controller of the life force'.

The practice of Om yoga is actually quite easy. However, understanding the concept is extremely difficult.


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In this article, we will try our best to give a concise and simple explanation as to what Pranava yoga is, how to do it, and the benefits that you can get from it.

What is Om yoga?

According to ancient Hindu scriptures, the word 'Om' is the primordial sound from which the universe was created. Hindu religion equates 'Om' with 'Brahman', which means absolute reality.

The practice of Pranava yoga is to connect with the Supreme Being, the life giver or the creator. Life is considered to be a sort of dream where fear overcomes us. Thus, the chanting of Om is supposed to bring realization to us and help us understand our true purpose in life.

Is there any particular Om yoga schedule to be followed?

According to the Bhagavad Gita, the chanting of 'Om' is meant to bring a person nearer to the light or God. A true yogi will, after years of practice, reach a stage where he/she chants 'Om' for every single breath he takes. For each chant, the yogi remembers the creator, thereby bringing him closer to Him.

Repetition of 'Om' is therefore what is necessary. This can be done aloud, in a whisper, or in the mind. The word 'Om' should be pronounced similar to the word ‘home’, and when pronounced correctly, it is supposed to include all the sounds in the world.

There is no set schedule to practice Om yoga as it is supposed to become a part of one’s life.

The benefits of Om yoga

Om yoga is practiced by those who want to get closer to God. Hindu scripture says that everything in this world is just different forms of the same energy—Om. The visible and invisible forms such as solids, liquids, gases, etc. are all the same energy vibrating at different levels. Chanting 'Om' is therefore supposed to bring a realization of oneness, sort of like a drop of water falling into a pond of water.

There are also some spiritual benefits that you can accrue, for example, it is believed that chanting 'Om' 12,000 times removes sin, and chanting 'Om' 12,000 times every day for a year brings realization of the Hindu concept of 'Brahman'.

Om yoga is also considered to be a great stress reliever as it calms the mind; consequently, this brings about a lowering of physical illnesses caused by emotional disturbances.

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