Origin of Yoga

(June 30, 2010)

What is origin of Yoga?

Yoga today has become increasing popular, as a form of meditation and exercise which yields several health benefits like stress reduction, reducing health problems (heart diseases, digestive problems, blood pressure) and increasing overall strength. However, the most important question that should be considered is “What is the origin of yoga?”  The word Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word “Yuj”, which means “to Unite” or “to Join”. Therefore, Yoga could be described as a science that connotes a state of union, with The Divine. It was initially illustrated in the great Hindu texts, known as Vedas, extending back to thousands of years. These Vedas are probably the earliest scriptures known to mankind. They explained and regulated all the aspects of life, right from the Supreme Reality, to other regular worldly affairs. The evidence of the origins of Yoga can be seen in Vedic scriptures. The knowledge of Yoga surfaced with the discovery of the Indus Valley civilization, which was one of the largest civilizations in those days. The Aryans who migrated from the northwest were instrumental in the discovery of Yoga.

In recent times Yoga is considered very useful to maintain good health; however, in the ancient times, Yoga was a indeed a way of life, a complete lifestyle, a different culture, which included not just breathing and meditating techniques, it also consisted of prayer styles, bathing habits, eating habits, work habits and social interaction. It represented an all-encompassing system of physical, mental, spiritual and social development. Yoga is thought to have evolved in the period of the “Sat Yug”, which was also known as The Golden Age, mainly since this period was filled with people who sought the eternal truth and was known for its peace and blessings. The modern image of Yoga being associated with hermits and sages has probably stemmed from this era. Through the centuries, the development of the basics of Yoga has been a long process. The path this of discipline can be divided into three periods – the Classical Period, the Post-Classical and the Modern Period. It is the Modern Period that has gained importance in the western countries, especially the United States. Hatha Yoga, which is a very well-known style of Yoga in the current times became popular in the US, during the counterculture movement in the 1960s.
Therefore, in order to answer the question “What is the origin of Yoga?”, we would need to look far back into history, even further than modern history can possibly take us.

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