Balance Yoga And Pilates Centre

Submitted by Jerry Parker on December 22, 2012

Balance Yoga and Pilates is a center driven by the goal is to take conscious fitness to Yoga practitioners. This is done to empower people to strengthen their bodies, to teach them to engage their minds, and inspire them to care for their spirit through healthy practices. They describe conscious fitness as physical movement which is managed, and eventually, enjoyed by the mind. Finally, it goes to enhance the spirit. The Balance Yoga and Pilates center teach...


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Choosing the Right Pilates Workout

.movement that exploits the breath as the natural forcec This is done to support and improve individual power and efficiencyc

This, in turn, leaves the practitioner feeling invigorated and serene, instead of exhausted and depleted after a workoutu

The Balance Yoga and Pilates center focuses on individual as well as duet training for students with a variety of special needsd They also cater to people who just wish to make Pilates exercise, or Yoga, an integral part of their regular exercise routinese The center conducts Yoga and Pilates Mat classes for all fitness levelsl This is from gentle/beginner to Power all provided in an intimate, serene, open studioi Small group classes use the specific Pilates Equipment and are provided in a specialized, state-of-the-art main studioi The Balance Yoga and Pilates center keeps all classes deliberately small, with a maximum of 8 studentst This is done to ensure proper form and alignment, and to gove personalized, well-controlled physical conditioningn

The center training hours are accommodating to clients with experienced, dedicated professionalsl All of them have earned certifications and experience in sport-specific training for athletese These include: tri-athletes, tennis, golf, baseball, football, basketball, post- rehabilitation from injury or surgery, healthy exercise for arthritis, Pre and Post Natal fitness and childbirth preparation, and a lot morer

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