Yoga Poses & Breathing Exercise To Prevent Cramps And Muscle Soreness

By Patricia | January 21, 2009
Yoga Poses To Prevent Cramps

Most of us indulge in some sports and athletic or physical activity in our free time, either with friends or at home. Such activities may exert pressure on certain muscles, resulting in soreness of the muscle. Sore muscles not only cause great discomfort and stiffness, but can also be a very painful experience, hindering and restricting even normal body movements. Hence, it is very important that you stay physically fit and at the same time avoid over exerting or putting too much pressure on your body.

Yoga is one of the best fitness regimens to calm your body both physically and mentally. With the various Pranayamas (breathing techniques) and Asanas (Poses) you can definitely stay fit without the risk of suffering sore muscles. Practicing yoga will also help cope with stiffness and soreness of the muscles. Maintaining a proper rhythm in your breathing while doing any physical exercise is vital as this helps in improving blood circulation especially in the muscles. Yoga is therefore the perfect fitness regimen as it’s combination of breathing exercises and postures prevents cramps and sore muscles, but exercises your body all the same.

There are various Asanas, which you can practice for sore muscles. First you can try the Cow-face Pose. This pose is particularly useful for those suffering from muscle soreness and problems in the lower back. This pose helps in firming your muscles, particularly in the thigh, back and chest regions. This pose is quite easy to practice. Firstly go down on your knees. Put your left leg in front and wrap it around your right knee all the way to your hip. Now spread your feet and pull them forward. Make sure your feet are spread apart. Relax yourself in a comfortable position. Now slowly put your hips between the feet. Hold your left knee and pull it towards the chest. Now try to sit up and expand your chest. Inhale and exhale taking deep breaths and repeat this pose with the right leg.

Another position, which you could try for muscle soreness is Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose). This exercise is recommended for those suffering with problems of the lower back and spinal region. It’s a very simple position. Lie down on your stomach with your arms and elbows facing the floor, and tucked below your shoulders. Now slowly raise your chest and squeeze your tailbone and lift your head and chest. Make sure you keep your forearms on the floor. Inhale and exhale in a rhythmic breathing pattern. Repeat this exercise two to three times before taking a small break.

These are some of the basic Yoga poses, which you can practice on a daily basis. These positions and exercises will help prevent muscle soreness, but will invigorate you, both physically and mentally.

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