Tingling Sensation During Yoga

By Patricia | February 2, 2009
Causes Of Tingling During Yoga

Yes, it is quite normal to feel a bit of tingling in your arms and legs as you practice yoga. This might be so because yoga tends to stretch every muscle of the body and improves your blood circulation. But if you experience severe tingling in your limbs, then it’s possible that you aren’t resting enough between the various postures. Tingling is common for beginners and those who are new to yoga. But if you continue practicing yoga, then this tingling might subside. You might also feel sore after your first yoga practice; but as you get used to the asanas, you will not feel sore anymore. Feelings of intense pain however, can not be ignored, and in such a scenario you would be well advised to speak to your yoga teacher.

Yoga Tips For Beginners: If you have just started practicing yoga, then here are some tips that you should follow for better results.

  • It is a good idea to wear comfortable clothes while doing yoga. While your attire should give you freedom of movement, it shouldn’t be too loose. Additionally, if you are new to a yoga class, wearing form fitting yoga gear can help your teacher see how you do the postures and your movements as you get into different postures.
  • Use a yoga blanket to keep you warm during meditation.
  • You should have adequate place for practicing yoga if you are practicing on your own. The place should have plenty of fresh air, good ventilation and natural light. You should also be able to do yoga without interruptions and distractions. Get a yoga mat, where you can practice your asanas.
  • While doing balancing postures, focus on a point, such as a painting or a plant.
  • Yoga should be performed on an empty stomach. So make sure that there is a gap of at least an hour or two between your yoga session and your last meal.
  • You might want to avoid doing stimulating yoga postures before going to bed or late in the evening as these tend to energize you and you won’t be able to sleep quickly after performing these asanas. Sun salutation, backward bending poses and the standing poses are best done in the morning.

Remember that yoga is not a competitive form of exercise and when you are a beginner, you must do what you’re comfortable with. So if you feel pain or feel uncomfortable in some position, then do not force your body. People, who push themselves into postures they aren’t comfortable with, often risk getting injured.

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