Shankh Mudra Extremely Benefits: Relieve & Reduce Bodily Inflammation

By Patricia | December 4, 2008
Shankh Mudra To Relieve Inflammation


Mudras are basically yogic hand gestures. These gestures possess not just a curative and therapeutic value, but they are also used effectively as tools or aids for mind control to facilitate and promote meditation. There are several such mudras, we shall only focus on the Conch gesture or shankh mudra and a few similar ones that are particularly useful for meditation, because of their calming effect.

Our brain fits a neurological map that can also be referred to as a homunculus map. Mudras work by tweaking or fine tuning this neurological map. This ‘map’ denotes the representation of the physical body in the brain. Yoga exploits and espouses the belief that the hand, and the thumb in particular has probably the largest representation. Spiritual and traditional eastern sciences also believe that there are five principle elements that are represented in our five fingers. Mudras exploit the belief and use this knowledge for the suppression or enhancement of a particular desired element, with the major role being played by the thumb, believed to be the fire element.

Apart from these mudras there are many others that promote and lead to an enhancement of one’s mental state of serenity, calm and harmony. Some such mudras are the Merciful or Varada mudra, lotus or Kamal mudra, wheel of dharma or Dharmachakra mudra and the Earth-touching hand gesture or Bhumisparsha mudra. Lord Buddha is in fact often depicted with the Earth-touching hand gesture, making it one of the most recognized of these hand gestures.

Once you decide to choose a mudra to further your goal of achieving a sense of harmony and tranquility, make your choice wisely. Do not experiment wildly and switch from one to another. Instead, make your choice and keep at it. Follow your instinct and you will know whether it is suited for you or not.

The conch gesture or shankh mudra is extremely valuable as it helps to relieve and reduce any bodily inflammation. It also helps restore calm and rids you of any anxiety or tension that you suffer from.

Getting Started

Place your hands just before your chest. Use your right hand to grasp the left thumb, with your fingers wrapped firmly around it. Now bring the remaining fingers of the left hand into place so that they make contact with your right thumb. The hands brought together in this manner resemble a conch. Maintain this formation with your hands at chest level and keep your eyes closed for as much time as you wish to.

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