Body Rejuvenation Yoga Tips

Submitted by debabrat on January 7, 2013

Kayakalpam (Body rejuvenation) is associated with longevity of life and aids in purification of the body. It is a practice which helps the yogis (monks) to achieve mortality. It can also be considered as a practice of yoga which provides exercise to all the organs of the body in order to feel active and rejuvenated.

Yoga breath exercises helps to inhale and exhale in appropriate manner so as to regulate the metabolism in the body.


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The breathing exercises should be done several times a day to compensate with our improper breathing activities for whole day. The breathing practice of the people is highly affected due to the various kinds of hectic work people undertake which provides strain to the body.

The pranayama (Breath control) exercises of Yoga help in regulation of the breath and aid in proper exercise of the body.

It helps to treat the body on the whole. Body rejuvenation therapy helps to treat not only the disease but whole body in order to enjoy great health. Body rejuvenation also manages the manner and the amount of energy consumed in the body and regulates if undue energy is depleted in the body in various forms. It helps to manage the amount of body fluids in the body and keeps the muscles fresh. It curbs the inflammation in any organ of the body and boosts the immunity. It repairs the cells affected due to constant wear and tear of the body and makes up for the losses in the energy levels of the body. It is the force which rules the life by balancing the functions of the nervous system.

Nadi shuddhi (purification of the food pipe) and the purification of the blood in the nerves work wonders for the overall health of the individual. It provides relief to the patients. It works by treating the inflammation and removal of toxins in the body which is the main cause for most of the diseases which leads to various complications in near future.

Body rejuvenation helps to manage both mind and body and helps one free oneself from the materialism of the world. Certain time should be devoted to it everyday in order to enjoy best of health and spirit. It aids in better functioning of the organs of the body and the wellness provided by Body rejuvenation is unmatched to any other medical treatment. If Body rejuvenation can be practiced it can lead one to enlightenment and attain spirituality. It can be termed as a master medicine for all the bodily ailments.

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