Yoga Classes for Hyperactive Kids

By webmaster | January 18, 2007
Yoga Classes for Hyperactive Kids

The beautiful gift God has given us; our son Ralph is now 6 years old. He is so full of energy, but so hyperactive, that at times we find it tough to handle. It feels as if he is on the lookout all the time, out to play some sort of mischief. He can sit stationary for more than 5 minutes at time. He has a fascination for books, any kind not just kid's books. Right now his favorite is Harry Potter. He has always shown very less interest in toys.

So how to handle a hyperactive person - young or old? How to divert this energy and hyperactivity?

Let him run, let him be active as much as he wants take him out into nature wild free large nature. Take him into open spaces let him explore all he wants and loves to do Bring him together with other active children let them play together while you catch those much needed 40 winks

Activity is nothing else but flowing love and flowing life force or energy. So how long you may ask? Until he gets tired, naturally, it really doesn't matter. He will get tired one day, at the right time, in the right place. Don't push him. Don't be in a hurry, when life is getting boring and heaven offers more than earth to explore.

Right now, he's just arrived here, he has just started to learn to use his baby body. Let him. How? Just by letting him be.

Another increasingly popular trend is to have hyperactive children practice Yoga. However, I think you ought to take two important things into consideration.

First, finding the right place, I believe, is really, really important.

As with any class or group, it's important to research the Yoga class you're thinking of having your kid join. This is more so for hyperactive kids. It's good to talk to the instructors and quiz them on how spiritual their classes will be (very religious parents might be put off by the Eastern/Buddhist influence).

You also should find out just how physically demanding the class will be. If your child is hyperactive, you might want to sign him or her up for a special course.

Secondly, is it right for your kid?

Besides the physical part of Yoga, there is the pensive, spiritual side as well which is the most important aspect of the program. This, again, is more important in the case of hyperactive children. So if your child's attention span doesn't allow for him to sit still longer than the average commercial break, then yoga might be a problem.

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