Benefits Of Locust Yoga Massage And Poses

By Patricia | February 4, 2009
Benefits Of Locust Yoga Massage And Poses

Locust yoga massage is a yogic massage technique that is based on the Shalabhasana, or the locust posture. The Shalabhasana is one of the twelve basic poses of Yoga. It helps to strengthen the back and increase its flexibility. It should be performed after poses such as the shoulder stand, seated forward bend or the plough.

How To Perform Locust Pose

Lie on your stomach with your head turned to one side. Your arms should be alongside your body with the palms facing upward. Slowly turn your head to place your chin on the floor and slide your hands under your thighs with your palms touching your thigh and ready to take their weight. Inhale and simultaneously lift your head chest and legs off the floor. Your entire body weight will now be supported on your abdomen and on your hands. Ensure that your legs are together and try to tilt your head as far back as possible. Remain in this posture for as long as you can hold your breath. Return to the starting position slowly while exhaling. This is one repetition.

As you may have observed, the locust pose is not the easiest of Yoga postures. It can seem a little daunting, especially for beginners. There are many easier variations of this basic posture for beginners which involve raising only one leg at a time.


The locust pose has many benefits. In addition to strengthening the lower back and increasing its flexibility, it also stretches and strengthens your leg muscles. It also gives the spine a good stretch and removes all kinks. It also strengthens and stretches your shoulders and arms. This posture also massages the internal organs, especially the stomach and the intestines. It helps to improve digestion, relieve flatulence and gas, and strengthens the bladder. The locust posture is especially recommended for those suffering from sciatica and lower back pain.


Those who are unable to perform this posture on their own should seek the assistance of a qualified Yoga massage therapist. Yoga massage techniques are adaptations of the basic Yoga postures into massage therapy. Locust yoga massage is one of the best methods of gaining all the benefits of the locust posture under the guidance of a trained therapist. The therapist will essentially support your body and gently stretch your legs and back by using the techniques of the locust posture. This gentle technique ensures that you do not overstrain and injure yourself in the process.

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