Yoga Poses For Nervous System Problems

By Patricia | March 31, 2009
Yoga Poses For Nervous System

Every individual’s physical and mental well-being depends on the functioning of his/her nervous system that regulates even the secreting glands. Long before scientists recognized electrical force, the ancient Indian Yogins had evolved the theory of nerve-impulse transmission. Today, this has won the approval and support of the entire medical fraternity the world over. The ancient Indian Yogins were able to foresee the principles of electrical phenomena, having discovered the positive and negative magnetic currents that are nothing but nerve impulses, all of which are controllable and adjustable through Yoga practice.

Yoga Poses for the Nervous System

Yoga teaches you to calm as well as stimulate your nervous system so as to enable it to reach a state of equanimity. This is achieved through the practice of asanas (Yoga poses), Pranayamas (breathing exercises), psycho-physiological practices such as relaxation and meditation. Then there are the positive attitudes Yoga helps cultivate, thereby establishing complete control over the nervous system. So, in addition to the beneficial physical effects of Yoga are the fantastic, subtle benefits it showers upon the mind and heart. However, this does call for dedicated and regular practice. Some of the asanas that best benefit the nervous system and promote mental and emotional health include:

Inverted poses such as:

Restorative poses such as:

Relaxation poses such as:

  • Dhrdasana (Sideways Relaxation Pose)
  • Nispanda Bhava (Unmoving Observation)
  • Shavasana (Corpse Pose)

Together with these, it is even better to practice the following Pranayamas (breathing exercises):

It is even better to take time off to practice a few minutes of meditation and abide by a Yogic diet. This means Sattvic fare (light, pure and predominantly vegetarian). Within three or four months, even the most agitated, anxious, nervous and restless person is bound to see positive results. Whether you practice Yoga to reduce muscular tension, slow your breathing and heart rate, or to calm your racing mind, a simple routine will prove to be the safest and most effective way to a healthier body and nervous system.

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