Effectiveness Of Double Leg Raise Yoga

By Patricia | November 6, 2008
Double Leg Raise For Strong Leg Muscles

What Is Yoga

Yoga is a highly scientific, therapeutic science that helps us heal ourselves completely, first and foremost, by making us aware of our alignment, posture and movement patterns. Yogasanas help make our bodies flexible and help us relax even in the most stressful situations, one of the main reasons why a lot of people take up Yoga nowadays – to become healthier, happier and more relaxed human beings.

A strong, healthy midriff, Yogis tell us, is one of the secrets to good health and longevity. Hence if you want to live a long, healthy life, it follows that your midriff, in and out, ought to be firm, strong and healthy. If you wish to get a feel of your midriff, look down at your abdomen, twist and turn a few times and try to touch your toes. Bulging midriff, stiff back and difficulty in bending are signs of a not-so-healthy body. Not to worry, Yoga has simple solutions. Double Leg Raise Yoga exercise, for instance,  prepares you for other Yoga Asanas, and for the rigors of the day.

Steps For Doing Double Leg Raise Yoga

  1. Start by lying flat out on the floor, staring up at the ceiling.
  2. With a deep inhalation, raise both your legs, but remember not to bend your knees. You should also not lift your buttocks from off the floor.
  3. Now, with a deep exhalation lower both legs, simultaneously, not one after the other.
  4. Repeat the exercise over and over as many times as you can, going up to 10, then 15, then 20. Your lower should always remain flat on your mat while your legs are descending. This is a cautionary measure, especially to avoid any spinal injuries.
  5. At any point of time during the exercises, your buttocks and lower back should never be raised from off your mat. Having reached your own level of satisfaction in doing the Double Leg Raise effortlessly, try this. When lowering your legs, do so very, very slowly, keeping your feet about a few centimeters or so off your mat, without letting them come to rest.


  • Double Leg Raises are excellent exercises for stretching all the legs muscles i.e. the ankles, calves, hamstrings, knees and thighs one at a time.
  • They also work out your waist, hips back and neck.


  • Double Leg Raises should be avoided by those suffering from chronic backaches, sciatica, knee pains or any neck problems.
  • Even patients of high blood pressure and heart problems are advised to avoid.
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