Height increase techniques in Yoga

(September 12, 2010)

Is there any type of yoga or technique to increase a persons height i.e is there any steps to get taller in yoga?

We all have our ideal body images in our minds. There is no dearth of men and women who wish they were slimmer, taller, and fairer. Fortunately, there are a lot of things you can do to change your body. You may perform exercises to lose weight and you may definitely perform some to gain height.
If you are unsure of how to increase your height, the best way to approach this is through yoga. There are many ways in which you can grow taller with yoga. Yoga has been in practice for centuries and the techniques that you employ in yoga are some of the best ones to strengthen the body as well as to stretch the muscles. In this case, yoga techniques can help you grow taller with exercise.
With the many stretches that are an inherent part of yoga, you can lengthen your body. When you decide to grow taller with yoga, all you have to do is follow a regular yoga regimen which allows you stretch the body to its fullest. Most of these stretching exercises center on the spine. When you elongate your spine, the rest of the muscles also stretch and grow in length.
You can also stimulate the human growth hormone with yoga. It is a well known fact that yoga helps you regulate the hormonal levels in the body. Yoga also helps you correct your posture, which is believed to be the first step towards increasing your height.
With the regular practice of yoga, you can alleviate the postural issues of your body. Not only does yoga correct your posture, but also helps improve the alignment of the body so that the body remains in a posture that fosters growth. When you attempt to grow taller with yoga, you also help strengthen the muscles which cause poor posture, when weak.
The decompression of the spine, which can be achieved with the help of yoga poses like the Sukhasana (Easy Pose), Trikonasana (Triangel Pose) and Tadasana (Mountain Pose), can also help in achieving your objective of growing taller with yoga. These postures are excellent in order to increase height with yoga. The discipline of yoga also offers other alternatives for increasing height. For instance, you can grow taller with massages that are specifically aimed at rejuvenating your muscles and stimulating them to grow.
Armed with the right information to grow taller with yoga, you can join in at various yoga studios that offer special yoga classes that offer height increase sessions as well.

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Height increasing methods 

Below are some yoga exercises that will help you to increaser height, if you have not already reached adulthood.

  • Standstill like in the pose of “attention”. As you do so, take a deep breath through the nose and stretch out the arms. Slowly lift the arms to the shoulders. As you continue to stretch, maintain straight arms without bending them. Slowly stretch out the arms behind the shoulders in a backward manner as far as you can stretch them without straining yourself or feeling any pain. Take a deep breath again and slowly release your breath after five counts beginning anew the previous position.
  • In the second posture, stand upright with the arms stretched out at right angles to the body. Raise the arms in a vertical manner. A point to note - as you raise the arms do not exhale at the moment, but balance on the toes. The heels must be lifted as far as possible. Now exhale as slowly as possible as you slowly resume the former position.
  • Hold out your arms ahead of you till you reach the shoulder level. Breathe in slowly and expand your lungs to one-third of the lung volume. After a count of seven raise the arms above your head. Slowly exhale and resume the former position.

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