Anahata Yoga: Expands & Arouses The Practitioner’s Heart

By Patricia | November 11, 2008
Anahata Yoga: Expands & Arouses The Practitioner’s Heart

Yoga is a deeply contemplative flowing form of Hatha Yoga. Anahata Yoga is aimed at uniting, expanding and rousing the practitioner’s heart ‘intensely’ through Pranayama ( breathing exercises), Yogasanas (postures), and Dhyana (Meditation).

In the words of Yogananda Paramahansa, it is wrong to sit, walk, talk rest, or lie down slouching. This deprives the lungs of precious oxygen that results spinal problems later. So by correcting wrong posture, you open up your respiratory tract, and permit Prana, to enter and nourish your body for life.

What Is Anahata Yoga

In Sanskrit Anahata means heart and it is also the name of the heart chakra. Anahata Yoga aims at taking its practitioners to a higher level of consciousness, by connecting, expanding, and awakening their hearts, through certain prescribed practices including yoga poses, breathing exercises, and meditation. by and large, the flow is not be tough or demanding, rather it is natural, and lays emphasis on breathing to the fullest, calmness and awakening one’s heart.

Anahata Yoga stipulates a set of warm-up exercises. These include Yogasanas (poses), Pranayama (breathing exercises) and, finally, short meditation session. The usual sequence consists of sitting meditation after setting one’s personal intentions in order of priority. Then, in the silence of one’s heart the practitioner establishes his breath through certain set breathing techniques. This is followed by a set of Yogasanas that are designed to exercise and flex the whole spine. The normal sequence is warming-up poses, followed by standing poses and then, finally, balancing poses. Then comes a brief meditation session.

The Yoga poses in the program are designed to flex the joints and increase the flow of energy to every part of the body. This asana session ends with meditation and the practice is completed by the reclining pose Shavasana (the corpse pose), which is the final posture. The Corpse pose facilitates cooling down the body and gives the practitioner keen inner awareness, stillness and quiet. Last but not least, the practitioner sits upright and returns once more to the intentions laid down at the start of the session and then leaves with the blessings of the teacher.

Significance Of Anahata Chakra

Anahata is the fourth primary chakra of the seven main chakras in the system. It is said to be situated around the region of the heart corresponding to the human body. The Anahata Chakra is governs feelings such as love, compassion, humor, charity, and courage. It is also associated with decision-making-ability to beyond the bounds of karma. This is what is called ‘following one's heart’.

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