An Overview Of Buddhi Yoga Concepts And Practices

By Patricia | November 11, 2008
Higher Consciousness -Buddhi Yoga Tips

Buddhi Yoga is considered by most spiritual seekers as the highest form of yoga and is translated as “the yoga of consciousness”. Buddhi Yoga represents a structure of techniques and methods designed to develop one’s consciousnesses, thereby helping the practitioner traverse the concluding stages of sadhana or spiritual practices.

Buddhi Yoga falls within the framework of the sage Patanjali's “eight-fold path” of the yoga and largely concerns itself with the eighth and final stage.

Buddhi Yoga Steps

  • Withdrawal of the senses into a cocoon, through the practice of Pratyahara. The cocoon is then divided into two distinct halves. There is the upper region (consisting of the head and neck) and the lower region (consisting of the region of the trunk and legs).
  • Next, the lower bubble of perception id developed in the scale of the earth planet. To do this, the practitioner learns to fill the planet’s form with himself in the form of a subtle spiritual heart.
  • The third part consists of acknowledging the concept of Nirvana. This includes its dynamic aspect and is followed by mastering the state of ‘cessation’ of thoughts through the process of meditation called total reciprocity. In this meditation the practitioner learns to practice a sense of “non-I”. To do this the student first learns to transform himself as a spiritual heart.
  • The spiritual seeker of developed consciousness, having thus mastered the subtle state of a spiritual heart expansion beyond the frontiers of the planet, is then taught to merge with different manifestations of the Divine Fire and with other subtle aspects of the Supreme, save the Creator.
  • Having perceived through experiment and observation the whole form of the Absolute, the seeker now gains acceptance from his Creator. He now, slowly and steadily acclimatizes himself to the state of fusion with the Creator. This is said to be possible from both the incarnate as well as non-incarnate states.

Through assimilation with the Absolute, that is become one with the Supreme Spirit who abides in us, by getting to know the Creator, the seeker eventually merges with Him completely. This means that there exists the possibility of merging forever with the Supreme Being. For this, however, first and foremost, our love for the Creator must be steadfast and unwavering and then, we have to make ourselves worthy of this amalgamation by working at become perfect.

Even to fully grasp this possibility, one first has to develop one’s consciousness through the practice of Buddhi Yoga. Only for those who have elevated their level of consciousness is such an understanding possible.

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