Best Thigh Exercises

By Patricia | May 12, 2011
Thigh Toning Exercises

The thighs are located at the top of each leg. The muscles in the thighs are very important muscles that help with the movements of the legs. The thighs tend to be broad in any individual’s body. Many people are conscious of their physical appearance and may wish to have their thighs appear well trimmed. Most women tend to accumulate weight on their buttocks and thighs whereas men tend to develop a pronounced paunch.

The best thigh exercises are those that help to tone these muscles and build up their strength. This will help an individual perform tasks that require a good deal of lower body strength. The thighs themselves are made of many different muscles. Some muscles work when the leg is pulled forward while others work when the leg is pulled backwards. Exercise cannot focus on a single muscle or single group of muscles in the body. The best thigh exercises therefore should also include exercises that work on the lower legs and on the hips as well as the buttocks.

Hip Exercises

One of the best thigh exercises is running. Running along with walking and jogging can be used to develop the muscles of the thighs as well as the rest of the leg. The thighs get worked on particularly when the individual is running up a slope or down a slope. Swimming is also one of the best thigh exercises. Swimming in the breast stroke or in the freestyle stroke requires the individual to push against water continuously. This resistance makes the muscles work harder than they normally would and this excess pressure is what works the muscles nicely. Running and swimming are also known to be among the best hip exercises and are the best thigh toning exercises.

Inner Thigh exercises

One of the best inner thigh exercises is a stretching exercise. In this exercise, the individual needs to jump into a split from the standing position and then jump back into the normal standing position. There are also many stretching exercises that work nicely for the inner thigh. Another useful exercise for the thigh involves lying flat on the ground and lifting each leg up individually, one at a time. This will put pressure on the upper part of the thighs which helps to tone them as well.

Thigh exercises should be done as part of more general exercises as this will help to keep the body in proper shape. An individual will also need to moderate his or her diet properly to provide enough nutrition without too much excess fat or carbohydrate.

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