How Does Running Benefit Your Body?

By Patricia | November 23, 2010
Running Effects On Body

Running is one of the simplest and most useful forms of exercise. It is a process where the individual’s own weight is used as the force against which the body is exerting. Any person can go running as long as he or she does not have any serious injury or breathing condition. Running requires only one type of equipment and that is footwear.  Correct footwear will ensure that the individual is protected against injury that will occur over a period of time due to wear and tear of the joints and muscles.

Many people ask the question ‘what does running do for your body?’ Running is one of the most effective forms of endurance exercises. Endurance exercises are essential when it comes to burning large amounts of energy over a period of time. Many exercises like weight lifting require short bursts of effort which can be achieved without burning any fat. Running, on the other hand, takes place over a period of time. The body therefore needs to be working constantly at a high rate of metabolism.

What Does Walking Do For Your Body

Running therefore has many beneficial effects on the body. Firstly, running helps with weight loss. Because of its endurance related nature, running is essential for a weight loss program. Some people prefer walking because it is less strenuous, but this only means that the time taken for the weight loss will be more. Secondly, running helps to boost stamina. Stamina is useful for many physical and mental activities. The boost in stamina is a result of the increased strength and efficiency of the body. Thirdly, running has an effect on the efficiency of the respiration process. When we run, we need more oxygen. This is because the speed of energy production is increased. Energy is produced when food and oxygen are metabolized in the body. During runs, the individual will experience difficulty in maintaining the rate of breathing, especially at the initial stage. This will prompt an increase in effort which itself will improve the breathing quality over a period of time. Finally, running will help with muscle development when it comes to the muscles in the legs.

Running is therefore an extremely wholesome exercise that helps improve the efficiency with which the body is functioning, thus improving the health of the individual. It is therefore recommended for all individuals who wish to exercise, whether as a supplement to other exercises or as an exercise regime in itself.

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