Running Log Book

By Patricia | November 23, 2010
Running Log Book

Maintaining a running log book can be very beneficial as a training tool. It may take a bit of work in the initial stages, but in time, you will see effective results. A running log book should contain the details of your workouts. It could take the form of a weblog, spreadsheet, or a notebook. The details to be entered will depend on your own choosing, but usually they are the time, distance, place, date, and what you felt about the run. If you want the details to be more accurate, you could also include the conditions of the terrain and the weather.

Keeping a running log book can be a source of encouragement and can motivate you to better your performance. For instance, when you add up the distance that you have run you will feel a sense of achievement and your confidence will improve. An exercise log book will also allow you to keep a track of your injuries and enable you to learn the most effective recovery plan for you. By entering the details of the injury from its initial stages till its healing, you could make use of the same treatment later on or change it for a better result.

A running log book will enable you to keep an observation of your progress that will help in setting certain goals. You can observe the pattern of your progress and create a running plan according to your own comfort, which you can change as and when you see the need. A running log book ultimately enables you to know your position as a runner and allows you to control your running appropriately. You will gradually create a history of your running that you can always refer and learn from.

Running Log Excel Template

As you get to know which of the styles of training worked best, you can plan in such a way as to achieve more success. You could also create a running log in excel (MS Office), which will make it easier to include calculations and graphs. Graphs can be used as a very useful visual representation of your progress. You could also assign certain colors to some of the details to make the running log clearer and easier to refer. Some websites also provide a running log template, which is available for download. You could enter in as much information as you need in these templates. By sincerely updating and maintaining an exercise log book, you should be able to organize and ultimately meet all your goals.

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