How To Get Rid of Uterus Pain With Yoga?

By Patricia | December 12, 2008
Yoga For Chronic Abdominal Pain

If a person gets injured the surrounding muscles and tissues protecting the moving parts of the body try to stabilize them by going into a spasm. By and large, treatments deal with how to release the spasm. However if you have no core strength to take the weight, it is likely the spasm would return. Fortunately, Yoga has proven effective in getting rid of chronic aches and pains. But you should have the basic motivation to get into a new relationship with your body, deal with the pain, develop a sympathetic and accommodating attitude, and build up core strength.

There are a variety of attitudes people normally adopt with regard to chronic pain: anger, anguish, depression, misery and vulnerability. These are the result of resentment, fear and other such like emotions. They only deny parts that part of your body the required nourishment to heal. You must realize that the first step is to change your attitude and develop a feeling of reassurance and safety.

We suggest you do a lot of relaxation, don’t get into strenuous yoga exercises but do plenty of deep breathing and Shavasana (Corpse pose) two to three times a day. In addition you would also be well advised to practice Ujjayi (Ocean breath) and Dirgha (three-part breath) pranayama on after the other. This is because when a person suffers from uterus or any other chronic pain the breathing tends to get shallow and one may even, unconsciously, hold the breath.

The next thing to do would be to develop core strength for a robust and flexible pelvic floor. For this we advise a soft, gentle pelvic tilt. All your movements must be subtle and delicate. You lift and arch your pelvic floor into the center of your body by tightening the muscles of your perineum. This is the region between your anus and genitals. It's quite easy, because it is a very subtle lift that calls for very little effort but more attention and focus on the area. Doing this a few times, lying on your yoga mat, subtly stretches open, moves and strengthens your pelvic floor.  Follow this up by the core lift. For this you gently raise your pelvis and contract your perineum, bringing it into the core of your body.

The Pelvic Tilt has proven an excellent therapeutic yoga exercise for people suffering from chronic pain in the abdominals and uro-genital area. It helps stabilize your posture by gently building the core muscles of your body.

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