Yoga Helps to Cure Nasal Bleeding, Dry Mouth & Bad Tongue

By Patricia | November 19, 2008
Yoga For Nasal Bleeding & Dry Mouth

Yoga can definitely help, with a little assistance of Ayurveda. We suggest you consult a qualified, trained and experience Ayurveda practitioner as soon as you can. For your condition, you should also be consulting a nutritionist since diet plays a very important role in your healing. As far as Yoga is concerned you should, most preferably, attend a yoga class and do all the yoga exercises, asanas (yoga poses) and pranayama (breathing exercises) with more emphasis on Shitali and Sitkari.

What Is Shitali And Sitkari


(Tongue Hissing) It is so called because it literally connotes a cooling action. You can safely practice it at any time and anywhere, at your convenience.


  • Sit in any meditative posture.
  • Push out your tongue from your mouth a little and make a funnel or tube out of it.
  • Inhale through this tube or funnel. It is bound to feel very, very cool.
  • Next shut your mouth and then breathe out through your nostrils.
  • This is one round. Do 4 or 8 rounds and increase the number with time


(Teeth Hissing) this also literally means ‘to cool’ (Set – cool and Kari – to make). This is done by breathing in by hissing, the kind of sound you instinctively make when you come in contact with a hot object or with ice.


  • Sit in a meditative posture.
  • Clench both sets of teeth and bend your tongue inward towards your throat.
  • Breathe in through the clenched teeth. You will automatically make a hissing sound. You will also feel a cool breath entering your mouth and cooling it.
  • Close your mouth and breathe out through the nostrils.
  • Do 3 – 4 rounds then increase to 5 and10 rounds even.

You also need to follow a Sattvic (pure and simple) Yoga Diet. In fact, all Yoga practices must, necessarily, be complemented by the right diet if you wish to benefit from the practices fully. You must nourish your body, but with the right foods that will keep you healthy and happy.

A Yoga Diet mainly constitutes vegetarian food that includes freshly cooked food, food low on spices and salt, rich in fiber, fresh fruits and salads. You should also be having plenty of buttermilk for your condition. Just ensure that it is fresh and not sour or it would have adverse effects on your system. Preferably prepare it at home itself.

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