Could doing kapalbhati pranayam stop heavy bleeding? I am facing heavy bleeding problem from last 2 years.

(April 17, 2013)

The debate over whether or not yoga should be practiced during menstruation has been going on for years. While some believe that yoga should not be practiced during menstruation there are others who believe that yoga may be practiced during menstruation but yoga poses involving inversions should be strictly avoided.

Typically, during menstruation, inversions should be strongly avoided as it is known to disturb or even stop the menstruation which may also result in reproductive problems in future. Additionally, inversions also tend to pull the uterus towards the head which may result in increased menstrual bleeding due to vascular congestions.

Pranayam is known to be very useful during menstruation as it helps in dealing with pain by calming the mind and emotions. Pranayam basically involves the regulation of one’s breathing cycle thereby bringing about a state of clarity in one’s body and mind. However Kapalbhati pranyam or frontal brain cleansing should not be practiced during heavy bleeding or even regular menstruation as it tends to increase the heat levels in the body which in turn will result in heavier bleeding and may also exert pressure on your abdominal area. Similarly, pregnant women, individuals suffering from high blood pressure and those with cardiac issues should not practice Kapalbhati pranayam.

Submitted by R J on April 17, 2013 at 12:21

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