Deafness Cured Through Yoga Exercise

By Patricia | November 24, 2008
Yoga Poses For Poor Hearing

Many people suffer from loss of hearing, partial or complete. People are born deaf, or are born with normal hearing and turn deaf on account of an accident or a disease. Poor hearing can’t be prevented but it can be cured. Some people have congenital defects and some become deaf. But very often, poor hearing is because of things that could be avoided. For instance, poor hearing is often the result of infections. Such illnesses can damage part or the whole ear in any part of life, particularly in childhood when a person is most susceptible.

Some such illnesses that cause poor hearing are tonsillitis, scarlet fever, mumps, head colds, meningitis, and measles. A lesser known cause is what is called bony growth in ones ear. This makes it almost impossible for sound waves to be carried into a person’s ear. Loud blasts or strong sound vibrations can also cause poor hearing. But thankfully, there is a solution.

How Does Yoga Benefits?

Yoga teaches us that if we care for our system, the built in repair mechanism takes over and works wonders. The ear is a small organ and, unless it sustains some permanent damage through some sort of accident or other causes, can be amended. Here is one such technique that is bound to help you.

One simple way is the ear wash. But for this, your nails should be cut short or you could hurt the inner lining of your ears. Everyday, when you take a bath, remember to do this: insert your index fingers, gently, into both ears and rotate them both, clockwise and anticlockwise at least twenty times. Do this in the morning and night, as regularly as you would brush your teeth. This exercise, though very simple, helps dislodge hidden dirt and opens up the passageways of the ears. In addition, it also stimulates the nerves of the ears and you start hearing better. In fact, even people with normal hearing have reported hearing finer sounds, particularly in music, after adopting this practice. You will be amazed at the results. A lot of people neglect ear care. However, with a little attention, many hearing problems can be averted and even healed. The next technique is called Shunya Mudra.

Bend your right middle finger till it touches the ball of your thumb. Press down slightly on your right middle finger with the right thumb. The other fingers are extended. Do this with each hand. Do this thrice a day for 15 minutes as a special exercise to help heal hearing problems.

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