Ways To Overcome Dizziness While Practicing Yoga

By Patricia | January 9, 2009
Prevent Dizziness During Yoga

This is nothing to worry about, since a lot of Yoga practitioners have reported such experiences. Some individuals report feeling faint, weak, woozy, wobbly, or weak kneed. Try focusing on your breath and you will most likely feel your dizziness is disappearing.

This could also be brought on or contributed to by a wee bit of dehydration. Wed' advise you to slow down the practice a little, and get back up a notch when you're feeling better. Some of the Yoga practices can be rather demanding physically and mentally. Just reduce your activity when you're not feeling so good. Don't rush through it, though.

Some of the intense Pranayamas (breathing exercises) tend to induce a rather strong sensation of dizziness almost a feeling of fainting during these practices and this is when you should be most aware and careful. It is the result of a surge of oxygen in your system. Some of the movements with their synchronized breathing, coupled with fast pace, particularly in breathing exercises such as Ujjayi (Ocean breath) tend to supply your body with loads and loads of oxygen. Sometimes it is too much for your system.

So we'd recommend that you slow down a bit. For instance, if you are attending a class where the instructor is counting for 4 - 5 breaths and you feel you're only up to 3 or 4, listen to your body. Don't step up your breath rate just for the sake of keeping up with the rest of the class and having the same number of breaths. Don't forget, Yoga is a personal practice and is designed to ultimately practice alone.

It would also help if you went down in Balasana (Child's pose) from time to time, particularly, whenever you feel faint or dizzy. Even after a year or so of regular Yoga practice there are those who still report having those dizzy moments. But they generally calm down and focus on their breathing, straighten up and listen to sounds in the immediate environment and before long they feel everything fall into place.

Do you notice this happens to you in a certain pose? For instance, during the series of Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations), it would make sense if you felt dizzy. Just sit down and take a few deep breaths. It would also help to drink plenty of water about 2 – 3 hours prior to your Yoga practice and after it too.

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