Ways to grow taller

(August 8, 2008)

Suggest some yoga exercise and tricks to increase height?

There are various methods in yoga which can help an individual to increase his or her height. But one needs to have patience and determination while adapting to yoga as height cannot be increased in a single day.

Various crude forms of yoga like hanging from a rod and swimming can help in increasing the height considerably. Long jumps and high jumps too can be adapted to for height increase.

Apart from it there are many exercises that provide desired stretch to the muscles of the limbs that help to increase height and at the same time help in toning the body appropriately. Stretching of the muscles can help in increasing the height of the individual. Along with exercises a comprehensive diet should be consumed on a regular basis which provides balanced nutrition to the body for its proper growth. Foods rich in calcium should be consumed such as bananas. Bananas contain calcium required for the growth of the bones.

A few asanas of yoga like chakrasana (wheel pose), ardh chakrasana (semi wheel pose), sarvangasana, shirshasana (head stand pose), matyasana (fish pose) help in stretching the body in order to increase the height of the individual. Dandasan is another asana which helps in increasing the height of the individual greatly. Tadasan (shoulder stand) also helps in increasing the height by activating the nerves so that the metabolism of the body increases for the speedy functioning of the body to gain better height.

Padahastasana reduces the extra pounds gained near the belly region and tones the body appropriately so that one looks taller. Though height increase generally depends on the genetic configuration of the body the height of the individual can be increased with yoga but it has to be practiced on the regular basis.

Height can be increased by providing the stretching to the body and especially the limbs. Trikosana (triangle pose) and sarvangasana (shoulderstand pose) are another highly recommended asanas for increasing the height of the individual. It provides stretch to the limbs which in long run helps in providing the increment in height of the individual. These asanas actuate the thyroid glands to secrete thyroid which helps in increasing the height of the individual in a natural manner. It along with the increase in the height reduces the obesity of the individual. It provides new life and reduces the weakness in the human body. It helps in better digestion and curbs the issues of constipation reducing the chances of one putting on unnecessary weight.

Submitted by R J on August 8, 2008 at 01:33

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