Yoga tricks for height

(June 13, 2008)

tell some exercise and yoga tricks to increase heights please

Yoga poses for increasing height  

A person's height is mainly depended on the length of the long bones. The long bones attain its full length when a person reaches adulthood. So increasing height after a particular age (different for every individual) becomes difficult. Try the following yoga asana to increase height and correct your posture.

  • Setu bandhasana or bridge pose – lie on your back, fold your legs at the knees with both the feet together. Place your hands on both sides of the waist and elbows firm on the ground. Now with the support of your hands lift the legs and waist keeping the shoulders and neck firm in the ground. Remember that most of your body weight will come on your elbows and feet. Remain in this pose for 10 seconds and then slowly try to shift your leg forward so that part of the weight is shifted to the toes. Remain in this position for 10 seconds and then bring your feet again close to the hips and with the help of your elbows slowly come back to the ground and relax for sometime. Then raise your body gradually and sit in sukhasana. Perform this asana for 4-5 times at a time but remember not to stretch more than your capacity.
  • Tadasana or mountain pose – stand on a yoga mat with both your feet joined together firm on the ground. Now shift both the feet so as they are parallel to your shoulders and raise your hands high up so that the fingers are pointing the sky. Raise your heels in such a way that your body weight is on your toes. And stretch the toes in the ground, at the same time stretch your hands up as if you want to touch the sky. Remain in this pose for 20 seconds. This is tadasana. Now while you are in this pose walk two small steps forward and two small steps backward. This is a variation of tadasana, both these exercises when done on regular basis can help to increase your height. 

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