Reflexology For Healthy Heart

By Patricia | November 19, 2008
Reflexology For Heart Conditions

Due to a high-stress environment, irregular diet patterns, and unhealthy habits like drinking and smoking, a lot of people are facing heart diseases today. Many people have high blood pressure or problems with blood circulation that might result in a stroke or heart attack. In order to combat heart-related conditions, why not extend your range of treatment by trying an innovative solution like reflexology.

How Does Reflexology Therapy Help In Treating

Reflexology is an alternative therapy where it is believed that by manipulating the energy flow or ‘Qi’ in your body, the health of the body can be improved. Using reflexology to combat heart conditions is fairly new although reflexology itself is a few thousands of years old. According to the reflexologist, the universal life force, which is also known as ‘Qi’, flows through the body along twelve pathways. By massaging the pressure points on these pathways on your hands and feet, the flow of energy throughout the body can be stimulated and any imbalance can be corrected.

A reflexologist usually asks for your health history to completely assess the health of your body and mind before beginning any treatment. As heart conditions are highly specific to each individual, this step is an important part of the entire treatment. By identifying the underlying problem, the reflexologist can perform the most effective form of therapy. Heart reflexology works because when the nerve endings in your hands and feet are stimulated, the corresponding parts of your heart get stimulated too.

If there is irregular circulation of blood in the body due to a heart disease, the cardiovascular system becomes tightened and a restriction in blood flow occurs. Due to this, the supply of oxygen and nutrients to various parts of the body is reduced resulting in additional conditions like gastric disorders, headaches, and sleeping problems. Reflexology encourages the circulation of blood allowing the blood supply to flow more freely.

This therapy also normalizes the rhythm of the heart by affecting the electrical impulses that come from the heart. It regulates your blood pressure and breathing, thereby decreasing the risk of a stroke or heart attack. Medically, reflexology has aided the healing process of patients suffering from heart conditions. As reflexology generally induces a state of well-being, it can be used as preventive treatment.

Reflexology is easily a low-cost natural option for offsetting the effects of stress on the heart. It should be used a complementary treatment in addition to the primary treatment to treat a medical condition. A doctor’s advice should be sought. Moreover, eating nutritious food and exercising regularly is vital for good health.

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