Ways to Loose your tight Hamstrings

By Patricia | December 24, 2008
Massage To Loosen A Tight Hamstring

You are not alone; many people suffer with tight hamstrings. Although they are not problematic most of the times, they are more prone to injury and bad tears. As you said tight hamstrings can limit your performance in many yoga poses and also limit other sports activities. Hamstring muscles basically consist of semitendinosus, semimembrinosus and biceps femoris. Besides problem performing yoga, tight hamstrings can also cause other back problems and postural problems as they tend to pull your pelvis out of the normal position.

To Treat Tight Hamstrings It Is Important To Know The Cause And Treat The Cause. Tight Hamstrings Can Be Caused Due To -

  • Genetic Reasons – Some people are naturally born supple, but some are born with naturally short hamstrings; you might be one of them. Generally children and women have more supple hamstring muscles than man.
  • Stretching – If you are into lot of sports and do not have a habit of stretching properly then you can get tight hamstrings. It is very important to stretch sufficiently after an exercise as at this stage muscles are generally warm and more receptive to stretching. So after every yoga session or any other exercise you perform make sure to do at least 15 to 20 minutes stretching without fail to supple your hamstring muscles.
  • If you have any problems in your back then treat them first as any problems in your back can put undue pressure on your static nerve in the leg that runs down the leg from the back and thus cause a tightened hamstring muscle.

The Following Listed Ways Can Help You To Naturally Supple Your Tight Hamstring Muscle –

  • Improve your flexibility by enough stretching even if you are not naturally supple. Don’t forget to start your yoga session with a 15 - 20 minutes warm up and end it with a 15 – 20 minutes cool down. Certain types of stretching that will particularly help include passive, dynamic, and static.
  • Avoid certain stretches that are forcing and bouncing, for example ballistic stretch as such stretches pushes your hamstring muscles further than the comfort level and may even damage it.

Oil massage or any other sports massage will help to loosen the muscle to a great extend. If your tight hamstrings are due to genetic reasons then nothing much can be done. Consult a specialist to know the exact cause for your tight hamstrings and treat the cause accordingly to supple them.

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