Pain In Tooth And Extraction

By Patricia | June 9, 2010

Causes - Cavity

Unfortunately, if your tooth needs to be extracted, then there is generally no substitute available. The most common reason for a tooth extraction is what we usually call a “cavity”. This is essentially tooth decay as a result of a bacterial infection. If an infected tooth is not treated in time, the infection gets worse and worse, and starts to break down the tooth itself. Eventually, a hole or cavity will form in the affected tooth, and this too will continue to worsen. At some point, the cavity will cause pain – this is usually only when enough enamel has been destroyed so as to expose the underlying tissues and nerves. Before the cavity has formed, it is usually possible to save the tooth – the deterioration can be stopped, and the tooth can be made healthy again if proper treatment is followed and certain simple precautions are taken. However, once the cavity has formed, it becomes more and more difficult to save a tooth. Beyond a certain point, the only option left is to extract the tooth. Without this, not only will the pain continue to get worse, but other complications may arise. The infection can attack neighboring teeth and the gums, and it could even enter the bloodstream. This is a very serious situation, and in some cases could even cause death. All this is of course in addition to the fact that the damaged tooth will be lost in any case.

Wisdom Tooth Pain Treatment and Home Remedies

It is therefore important that you follow up on the course of action recommended by your dentist. If extraction is beyond your budget, discuss this too with the dentist, and figure out if there are any other options, even if they are temporary ones. It may be possible to delay the extraction till your financial situation allows it, but in the meanwhile treatment will be necessary to prevent further deterioration. If you want, you could also get a second opinion from another dentist. In some cases, a dentist may recommend extraction not because the tooth is infected, but because an emerging wisdom tooth is causing pain. If this is the reason for the extraction, you could wait awhile and see if the situation improves, but here too, ask your dentist for advice.

Home remedies for a toothache are only temporary measures, and do not really solve the problem. These include application of clove or clove oil, chewing garlic, and rinsing the mouth with alcohol or warm salt water.

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