Natural Cure For Tiredness, Fatigue, And Sleep Disorders

By Patricia | June 9, 2010

Tiredness , Fatigue And Sleep Remedies

Tiredness is a difficult problem to diagnose over such a medium. In fact, it is practically impossible to say what the cause of your fatigue is without actually conducting a physical examination and enquiring about various factors including your medical history, your diet and lifestyle, and the presence or absence of any other symptoms. There are numerous factors that could cause you to feel tired all the time, ranging from basic ones such as poor diet and lifestyle to dangerous conditions such as diabetes and cancer. You can first look at the more basic factors and take a few simple measures to ensure that they do not cause or worsen your condition. However, if you continue to suffer from the same problem, you should visit a doctor at the earliest.

Sleeping Disorder Symptoms And Natural Cure

First of all, consider whether you are getting enough rest and whether you are eating a healthy diet. On an average, a human being requires 8 hours of sleep a day. Some people require a little more sleep, while others can manage quite well with a little less. However, regularly sleeping too few hours a night is bound to catch up with you at some point of time. Sleeping at odd hours also takes its toll – there is no replacement for a good night’s sleep. Also remember that stress can leave you feeling tired in spite of enough sleep. In fact, it can interrupt your sleep, thus robbing you of the benefit of the eight hours that you think you slept. The same goes for certain sleeping disorders, such as severe snoring. As for your diet, relying too much on packaged food and junk food will also leave you low on energy. Your body requires adequate amounts of all the essential nutrients – fats, carbohydrates, proteins, minerals, vitamins, and water too.

A deficiency in any of these could leave you feeling weak and tired. An inadequate supply of carbohydrates in particular can be a cause of low energy levels. Complex carbohydrates can be obtained from fruits and vegetables, and also from certain other foods such as whole grain cereals and flaxseed. These foods release energy slowly, and have numerous other benefits too, unlike the simple carbohydrates in junk food and pastries. It is also advisable to eat several small meals through the day instead of two or three large meals. This will keep your energy levels steady throughout the day. If these simple measures do not reduce your fatigue, you should consult a doctor to find out what the cause could be.

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