Yoga for Dark Circles under Eye

Submitted by Kevin Pederson on March 19, 2013

The cases of dark circles under the eyes are frequent, but little proven theories and evidence are known so as to determine the exact causes of the condition. This is the condition in which pigment macules develop in the infraorbital regions, resulting in the darkening of the skin around the eye area.


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While some people may not be conscious of this particular condition, this can be an indicator of any type of internal weakness of the person. In some cases, the dark eye circles are accompanied by eye bags, which can be unappealing.

Yoga for dark circles under eye

There can be various underlying factors for the dark eye circles.

One of the most common causes is the excessive pigmentation. This may be a result of exposure to sun or due to medications such as exogenous estrogens. The dark eye circles may also occur because of hereditary factors. Dark circles also develop due to ageing. With an increase in age, the collagen levels in the skin decreases and the skin loses its elasticity. This also contributes to the puffiness and dark complexion under the eye. The other reasons that are known to be a factor for the particular condition are sleep deprivation, lack of a well-balanced diet, etc.

Regardless, there are a plethora of cosmetic products in the market that may be helpful in reducing the dark circles under the eyes. However, as a natural alternative, yoga can be an effective treatment strategy. Yoga exercises have both physical and mental benefits, and as a low impact exercise, yoga can bear results, if done under proper supervision. Yoga poses help in increasing the blood circulation, which helps in rejuvenating the skin. Yoga helps in improving the quality of sleep as well. As improper sleep is one of the underlying causes of dark eye circles, regularization of the sleep patterns can have positive effects. Certain yoga steps also help to expel the toxins out of the body, giving the skin a healthier tone.

Specific yoga poses to practice

The yoga poses that can specifically be helpful for the dark circles include the following:

  • Singhasana (Lion Pose)
  • Sarvangasana (Shoulder Stand)
  • Parvatasana (Seated Mountain Pose)

Exercises to avoid

You should avoid the Shoulder Stand if you suffer from high blood pressure, any brain disease, or any disorders related to the thyroid gland. In addition, also don’t expose yourself to harsh sunlight especially between 10 am to 4 pm. Also, reducing salt intake and quitting smoking are recommended.

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