Peptic Ulcer Diet: What Foods To Avoid?

By Patricia | March 9, 2010

Diet Plan For Peptic Ulcer Patient

  • Garlic: a strong spice that can cause heartburn and irritation to the stomach lining. It is best to avoid it when you are suffering from peptic ulcers.
  • Cucumber: a cooling, soothing and watery fruit, one which will ease your system and give you a great deal of comfort. Try to have juice as well as the fruit.
  • Watermelon: this is also very helpful when dealing with acidity and heartburn, which are the typical symptoms of peptic ulcers. Just try to avoid having water melon after sunset, as it also has a tendency to cause gas and bloating.
  • Cabbage: considered to be very helpful in not only soothing but also easing the pain of peptic ulcers. Cabbages also have some nutrients which are very useful in healing your peptic ulcers. You must try your best to have at least half a cabbage a day.
  • Tomatoes: these are slightly sour and are best avoided. Think of your peptic ulcer as an open wound and then imagine applying tomato juice to it. The burning sensation is almost palpable.

    Among the other foods you should be avoiding when you are suffering from peptic ulcers is fried stuff and all spices. In terms of cooking methods, you need to stick with boiled or grilled food. As far as fruits and vegetables go, try to avoid using canned stuff and stick to fresh foods as much as possible. This is particularly important because it will help to provide comfort to a taxed stomach. It would help if you would stick to mild and bland foods for sometime as it would soothe your stomach and cure your ulcer as well.

    You should try to drink milk and yogurt as much as you possibly can. Banana milk shakes in particular are extremely useful in taking care of a burning stomach and irritated digestive tract. You should also eat at least one apple every day. This will be extremely useful in taking care of the general health of your stomach too. Cantaloupes are also very useful in treatment and care of peptic ulcers. Try to eat a whole cantaloupe a day if you can. Carrots are known to have curative properties if you are plagued with an ulcer. Among the other things you should make it a point to do is drink a lot of water. This will be very useful in soothing your stomach and helping you to recover faster.

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