Home Remedies for Dark Brown Spots On the Bottom Of the Feet

By Patricia | August 19, 2009

Spots on the feet can be quite unattractive to look at and can also cause discomfort if they are sensitive to touch or inflamed. The spots that develop on the bottom of the feet can be red, pink, tan, black or brown. They may also form as grainy and raised bumps that feel rough. Other symptoms can also accompany the spots like sore throat, aching muscles, lymph node swelling, fever and itching. You can develop spots at the bottom of your feet because of various medical illnesses and conditions. There are some spots that need to be treated by a doctor. Hence, it is important that you are aware of what causes of spots and what treatment should be given.

Dark spots on the skin of the soles of your feet may appear like it is a harmless occurrence. However, in certain cases the spots under the feet could be a sign of internal bleeding and will require immediate treatment. Brown dots on the skin could indicate the onset of a foot infection. However, it is usually caused by Plantar Warts. These are skin growths that are noncancerous that develop on the soles of the feet. A virus known as the human papillomavirus virus or HPV causes the infection. The virus gains entry into the body through tiny cuts or breaks in the skin and usually develops under pressure points like the heels or the balls of the feet. They are usually considered harmless with no cause for worry. However, they can become bothersome and painful. In some cases, even the treatment may not work which will require the doctor to remove them. Ageing spots could also be the cause of the brown spots on the feet. Athletes’ foot is another common reason for the development of brown spots. To prevent athlete's foot brown spots from occurring you should apply an athlete’s foot cream.

Hyper pigmentation on the feet can spontaneously occur due to triggers like too much exposure to the sun, liver spots, scarring, and hormonal changes. Our skin contains many cells known as melanocyte cells that create a substance known as melanin in the body. This melanin then goes into the skin that causes a moderately brown hue. Greater the amount of melanin in the skin, the more dark or brown the area may appear. A bluish brownish discoloration on the skin will most probably be a Mongolian spot. They usually occur on infants in the areas of the back. However, they usually fade over time and completely disappear by puberty. For itchy spots, you should speak to your doctor who will find the cause and give you the proper treatment.


Individuals with diabetes suffer various problems because of an excess amount of sugar in the blood. Apart from kidney and heart problems, brown spots on the feet are another problem they have to deal with. A condition of the skin called diabetic dermopathy has a negative effect on the blood vessels that provide blood to the skin. This condition causes brown spots to occur on the skin, which can be oval or circular. These spots have a resemblance of age spots. These spots are also called skin spots that do not produce any pain. To prevent complications to the skin, like brown spots on the feet, you should try to keep diabetes in check. Brown spots on the soles of your feet could also result from excess amount of insulin in the body. The brown spots on the hands and feet could also be because of the sun. They are called sun spots. Dark spots at the bottom of your feet could also be a sign of clotting known as purpura. This condition will make you more prone to bruises or bleeding and can affect adults as well as children. Another cause of dark spots on the skin is chronic arsenic poisoning.

A mole could also be the reason for a brown spot on the bottom of the foot. It is advisable to contact a dermatologist who can give you a proper diagnosis.

Home Remedies:

There are plenty of home remedies for hyperpigmentation spot removal that you can try out effectively. Dry skin on the feet can sometimes cause flaky, rough and dark spots. Replenishing the moisture of the skin and gently scrubbing the dead skin away can help restore the natural texture and color of the skin.

An effective treatment you could use is a strawberry based foot scrub. To prepare this treatment:

  • Take out the tops of 10 strawberries and process them till they break down.
  • Put the strawberries into a wide jar and add 2 tablespoons of skin soothing oil like apricot oil, jojoba oil, almond oil or olive oil.
  • Then put in one tablespoon of coarse chunky sea salt.
  • You can then soak your feet in this mixture and wash it off with some soap.
  • Massage the strawberry foot scrub vigorously into your feet. Pay more attention to the dark spots.
  • You can continue this treatment till the spots fade.

The use of a pumice stone can also be of great help in the treatment of dark spots. Besides this, you could also use some Shea butter or liquid Vitamin E to lighten the spots. Apply the Vitamin E oil on the affected area and leave it on overnight. Wash it in the morning with plain luke warn water.

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