Substitute Of Milk For Calcium Supplement – Milk Allergy Diet And Foods

By Patricia | August 19, 2009

Please suggest some source of calcium for milk allergy

Your question is understood as a request to provide alternative sources of calcium to a person who is suffering from an allergy to milk. While milk and all milk products are a good source of calcium, it is good to know that a lot of the calcium in these products is barely absorbed by the adult human body. There are other sources of calcium which can be consumed which will be easier to digest and will be better absorbed. One such product is tofu. This is a cheese made with soy milk and is the richest nutritive source of absorbable calcium in the human body. You should try to have tofu at least thrice a week and you will be able to meet your daily requirement of calcium with a generous quantity only once a day. All beverages made with soy milk are also excellent sources of absorbable calcium. Try to have at least one helping of 8 ounces a day, and this will take care of about a third of your calcium intake. Fish, particularly sardines are also a very good source of calcium. If you can, try and eat sardines at least thrice a week. Among the other fish that are good sources of calcium are shell fish such as shrimp, mollusks, clams, trout, crabs and lobsters.

Non-dairy Calcium Rich Foods

It is also good to have plenty of green and leafy vegetables in your diet. These are also an excellent source of calcium for those who cannot have milk and milk products. Collards, turnip greens, mustard greens and spinach, in particular are excellent sources of calcium. A lot of beans are also decently rich in calcium. However, these are not the richest sources of calcium in any diet. But if had regularly, they will also generally add to your good health. Cow peas, white beans, soy beans, chick peas and black eyes beans are excellent sources of calcium. You can have one of each variety a day for excellent health benefits. Another good source of calcium for vegetarians is also varieties of cabbage. You can have white or red cabbage. Both of them are excellent sources of calcium. If you are a meat eater, you should focus on broth made with bones. You can get bones from any butcher and boil them in plain water till the water is down to one fourth the original quantity. A cup of this is good for the whole day’s health intake.

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