Yoga For Positive Energy

By Patricia | January 20, 2009
Yoga To Transform Negative Energy

Yoga is designed to transform positive as well as negative energies into vitality. This vital energy makes your brain a physical structure like a multi-response unit to all situations. Through this you derive a complete system of alchemy, energy cultivation and can transform and use it for all purposes.

By awakening latent primordial energies within oneself through Yoga practice gives you intention-power, internal force and the vital energy, which is so necessary for dealing with dangerous, difficult and stressful situations, as and when they crop up in life. You will be able to observe any disturbing psychological phenomenon and yet not be overwhelmed by it. The vital energy thus derived through Yoga practice provides you with a unit of propulsion to guide your mystical-inner strength to achieve the ultimate convergence in yourself.

Releasing vital energies into the system is the strongest and most powerful way to energize your physical being, as well as get rid of all negative energies which you may have forced down into your subconscious mind, by way of your repressed emotions, thoughts and desires.

The primal energy that is set in motion through Yoga practice helps transform your intention-power and your energy instantly. Just some small Yoga practices help relieve tension, get rid of stress, restore vitality, release pent-up repressed emotions, centre the intention, energy and action within a matter of months and you can easily summon it up whenever you wish, since it is latent within all of us. This power does not have to be developed; it is a primal power that only has to be awakened.

With regard to the spiritual and mental aspects; yoga helps regulate the thoughts and emotions and infuse confidence, a sense of well-being and clear thinking. If you practice regularly, you will find that you have more pleasant thoughts and less negative emotions. You will experience your real inner Self through the practice of Yoga. Through this you will see yourself in a more realistic light, and realize that you are more creative than you though, more spontaneous than you believed, and more selfless and self-determined.

Best of all, if you activate your primal energy you discharge stagnant energy. This results in the unity of intention, voice and action. Your real voice is extremely important in mustering your reserves of primal energy for action; this lets you discharge and get rid of your physical, mental and emotional garbage and releases an incredible internal force into all your actions.

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