Chakra Meditation – How To Open Your Chakras

By Patricia | October 15, 2008
Chakra Meditation - Open Your Chakras

Anyone can do chakra meditation. Usually people have three chakras already open which are located at the bottom of the spine. If anyone had all the seven chakras opened, he would already be a spiritual master. Most people do not have the fourth chakra opened at all, which is the heart chakra. This chakra when opened radiates love and compassion towards others. The opening of the higher chakras or energy centers requires meditation.

Chakra meditation is easy to learn but requires dedication and a willingness to do this regularly. A person needs to dedicate at least a half hour every day. Through the practice of chakra meditation you will experience a sense of balance and relief from emotional stress. It helps you achieve health in mind and body.

Seven Chakras And Colors

There are seven chakras in the body, corresponding to energy centers, and each has its own color of light associated with it. These are:

  • Crown (Shasrara)—Violet
  • Between the brows (Ajna) — Indigo Blue
  • Throat (Vishudda) — Pale Blue
  • Heart (Anahata) — Emerald Green
  • Navel (Manipura) —Golden Yellow
  • Sacral (Svadisthana) —Orange
  • Root (Muladhara) — Red

Each chakra rules a certain symbolic area. For example, the Root chakra or the first chakra is the lowermost chakra and the organs/areas it supports is the whole body. This includes the spine’s base, rectum, the bones, feet and legs, and the immune system.

The emotional and mental issues that the Root chakra covers are safety and security, emotional grounding, ability to provide for oneself, ability to stand up for oneself, and the ability to be practical and rational. When this chakra is unbalanced it leads to a disorganized mind. Physical manifestations of imbalance would be lower back pain, varicose veins, rectal tumor, depression and lowered immunity.

Opening Chakras

The need to open these chakras arises because they are clogged with unwanted feelings, thoughts and emotions that cause physical and mental stress and imbalance.

To practice chakra meditation, choose a place which is quiet and a time when you will be uninterrupted for at least a half hour. Switch off all outside communications. Wear comfortable clothes, barefoot and lie down on the floor or on your bed. You can meditate in a sitting position if you want.

Correct breathing is very important for chakra meditation. Breathe rhythmically, inhaling and exhaling for the same count. If you inhale to a count of three, than you must exhale to a count of three. Become aware of how you breathe.

To begin with the opening of the chakras, you have to think of a light that glows at each chakra. You will start at the base or the Root chakra. Here the glowing light will be red since this is the color of the Root chakra.

In the beginning, it is better to be guided by a yoga instructor who teaches chakra meditation.

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