Love Handles And Yoga

By Patricia | October 14, 2008
Yoga Ball Poses For Love Handles

Yoga ball or Swiss ball is an exercise ball which is used mainly for exercising the abdomen region and the back. It is made from durable vinyl and can support weight up to 600 pounds. It comes in various sizes too. It strengthens the abdominal muscles, hamstring and calf muscles. Yoga ball is used for fitness programs in the gyms. But over the period, the ball is being used effectively as a support for yoga asanas as well.

Yoga ball has been found most effective for removing the fat from the midriff.. Love handles or loose fat which accumulates just above your hips are very difficult to remove. With fast and stressful life, fast food has become the easiest option. Once the fat starts getting piled up on your body especially in the mid section, it is very difficult to get rid of the flab. However, exercising with yoga ball along with right diet has shown remarkable result in getting rid of love handles. Crunches and sit-ups tone up the abdominal muscles and love handles. Both crunches and sit-ups can be done with the yoga ball. One such exercise is - carefully lower your self on the ball, the back resting on the ball, hands stretched above your head. Raise your upper body and then go back. Do it 10 times and increase it gradually. You can do reverse crunch as well by lying down across the ball on your stomach.

Yoga balls come in attractive and irresistible colors that you want to play with. You can playfully have fun with the yoga ball with the ball placed under your stomach or your back. You can do twists, turns, bends which will boost up your balance and stability and also reduce love handles. As you try to maintain balance with the slippery ball, your core muscles get massaged and abdominal region gets toned up. You can include yoga ball exercises in your fitness regimen on alternate days, each exercise 3 sets – 5 to 10 times as you are comfortable with.

The other effective means of getting rid of love handles is aerobics. If you can do aerobics for half an hour 3 days a week, it will show result in two to three months. The other alternative is jogging as well. You should also include twist crunches, side bending,

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