Positive Effects Of Meditation On Your Mind And Body

By Patricia | October 15, 2008
Physical & Mental Effects Of Meditation

People who are new to the idea of meditation may be unable to comprehend the kind of effect it has on the body and mind. Meditation is one of the ways in which the body calms and the mind becomes peaceful, leading to increased concentration and balance.

Effects of Meditation

Deep relaxation: You experience a great deal of relaxation while doing meditation, since you make your mind free of stressful thoughts. Deep relaxation, which is a very relaxed state of mind, even deeper than sleep, is found to boost the alpha waves intensity. This reduces the level of lactic acid in the blood and hence your level of anxiety. High levels of lactic acid cause anxiety. This helps to de-stress you physically and mentally.

Loss of anger and agitation: The calmness that meditation brings enables you to let go of anger.

Lowered blood pressure: With a reduction in anger and anxiety and an increase in tranquility, the blood pressure is decreased. When you meditate, your blood circulation improves and your heart rate is lowered. So your heart problems are also reduced.

Increased well-being: An overall sense of well being that comes from practicing meditation. Meditation can help bring relief from insomnia, headaches, irritable bowel syndrome, menstrual pain, fatigue and feelings of depression.

Decreased dependence on drugs/alcohol and tobacco: Meditation encourages a healthier life style. Due to this, alcohol and tobacco dependence is reduced. Meditation also helps you to minimize your intake of medicines for hypertension and heart problems.

Faster healing: If you are undergoing treatment for injury or illness, meditation assists in dealing with the pain. Because your mind is calmer and less agitated, your body reacts to the treatment in a positive way.

Younger look: Various studies have proved without doubt that those who practice meditation had lower lipid peroxide levels. Lipid peroxide is one of the contributory factors to diseases like atherosclerosis and other such age-related diseases. Meditation brings a youthful glow on the face since you are healthy and at peace with yourself.

Spirituality: As you go deeper into meditation, your self awareness of your breathing, your body and your mind increases. You connect with a higher sense of self.

Increased focus: When you come out of meditation, your mind is clear and fresh and you can concentrate better.

To sum up, meditation improves the quality of life. Better health ensures less medication and hospitalization and a longer and active life.

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