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(August 18, 2008)

Physiological effects of asana in body?

Asana are also called as postures. There are over 84 asana and each one of them has a different technique of performing and they are also named differently. Each yoga asana tends to heal the body in a different manner. Performing yoga asana regularly brings about a condition in which there is effective functioning of the organs in the body. These functions are intelligently controlled by our mind. Asanas are supposed to have the capacity of maintaining a proper balance in the body system. Yogasanas can be performed by any person, irrespective of age or sex.

The various asana present are Surya namaskar (Sun salutation), Uttanpada asana (Raised leg pose), Paschimothan Asana (Forward bend), Bhujangasana (Cobra pose), Salabha asana (Locust pose), Sarvangasana (Shoulder stand), Matsya Asana (Fish pose), Dhanurasana (Bow pose), Halasana (Plough pose), Shavasana (Corpse pose).

It is very necessary to keep the body healthy and fit inside out. Yogasanas are done for keeping the internal and external parts of the body healthy. Yoga asana are carried out to get relief from pain and bring about improvement from various disorders. The yoga postures can also help to bring flexibility to the joints and tendons. It can improve the mental wellbeing of the body. Yoga asana are useful in carrying out various functions in the body harmoniously. Achievement of harmony in the body activities can result in development of flexibility. When different asana are carried out systematically, it can help in massaging the organs and improving its functions thus enhancing the health of the individual.

It can improve the blood circulation in the body and allow unrestricted flow of blood to various parts of the body. Yoga asana are also essential for removing the toxins or negative blocks in the body. It can help in toning the muscles and improving the strength of the muscles. Asana are considered as effective stress busters that can relieve an individual from tension and worry. The slow breathing exercises and meditation carried out can help in relaxation thus improving the quality of life. With yoga asana ageing is delayed and the person may look young from outside as well from inside.

Yoga asana are called as non violent activity as less amount of energy is expended while doing the yoga poses. Hence the person does not feel tired. Yoga asana are simple and trouble free that can improve the strength and endurance of the body. Certain positions like standing, twisting, bending and balance help in gaining the balance of the mind and the body.

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