Yoga for Abdominal Muscle Building and Strengthening Your Abs

By Patricia | January 2, 2009
Yoga For Sleek Abs!

Today we see more and more people becoming fitness savvy and health conscious. While some of us put in long hours in the gym or indulge in fitness diet programs Yoga offers a complete workout that includes muscle building and strengthening.

The Yoga poses include various stretches and exercises, which will give you the lean look and strengthen your abdominal muscles. Lastly but more importantly, it will give your abdomen a fantastic definition and sculpted look. All you have to do is follow a strict Yoga fitness schedule comprising of various Asanas or poses. I will be listing some of the key exercises for your abs. Let us first look at the Mountain Tilt Pose. Start by standing straight with your arms placed by your side. The space between your feet should be proportionate to the width of your hips. Now, slowly try to lift your arms above your head with your fingers pointing straight up. After this slightly bend sideways from your waist and pull yourself to your left. Take a count of a few seconds before you come back to the starting position. Now repeat the same pose for the right side.

The next pose is called the Torso Stretch. For this exercise all you have to do is first lie on your stomach with your hands placed near the chest. Now slowly raise the upper side of your body and at the same time push the topside of your feet into the floor. Make sure your hands are firmly placed on the floor and your arms are straightened. Maintain this position and hold on for at least 40 seconds. Then slowly relax yourself before the next set.

Another important pose for the abs is the Forward Bending Pose. To start this pose, sit with your legs extended straight in front of you. Now take a deep breath and inhale, trying to stretch forward, with your fingers touching the pointed toes. Continue in this position for at least 30 seconds. After this, slowly exhale and breathe normally by returning to the starting position.

One of the most popular positions in Yoga is the Tree Pose. Begin this pose with your feet firmly planted and arms positioned by your sides. Your body should be in total alignment and sync, right from your shoulders to the ankles, with all aligned proportionately. Now slowly inhale and lift your right leg with the heel placed on the left thigh. Try to maintain a proper balance and hold on to this position, with your arms pushing overhead and palms in contact. Stick to this pose for 30 seconds before changing to the other side. Repeat this pose for at least 2 to 3 times.

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