Importance of Massage in Yoga & Tantric Healing

Massage Yoga – Tantra healing creates harmony and vitality in one’s life. The concept of Tantra healing is regarded a valuable source of psychic or libidinous energy in a person.

Tantra healing and Kundalini movement are somewhat interlinked. While Kundalini’s dynamic feeling suggests nothing short of pure pleasure, Pranayama, Bandhas, Mudras, and Tantric-healing (Massage Yoga) are introduced to awaken and contain the Pranic flow.


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Massage Yoga – Tantra healing awakens your body's innate healing powers for wellness and health. Sensitive stimulation inculcates flow and detoxification of the body tissues. The benefit of the mysterious knowledge and right initiation the seeker avails of, is absolutely safe, not to mention, wholly gratifying. Being massaged by Tantra healing hands is a very pleasurable and therapeutic experience. The healer helps you release the brakes and feel your body as one whole – believe it or not, most of us don’t, at most times.

Massage Yoga – Tantra healing is really an amazing phenomenon. The sanctity of being touched from one’s heart automatically makes space for transformation. By letting the inner child in you romp and run around, and join the adult in healing sessions, you s self-healing as well as self-acceptance. This is why you should allow the inner child in you resurface and play.

Let him / her join you in full body experiences.

Massage Yoga – Tantra healing is, believe it or not, a real thing. Be ready to let go of your ego – and your shoes – at the door. And let your body relax on the – not so soft – couch. The healer will test and determine your needs and the spirit will guide you both to a wonderful healing session or sessions. Receiving is a great and wonderful affair. Everyone experiences healing in their own special way.

So don’t hesitate, the next time you get a chance, go for it.

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