Yoga For Prolapsed Uterus

Quite a lot is now clear about the condition of the women, both in the East and in the West. Unfortunately, a lot of women suffer from prolapse of the uterus. This happens when its supports turn weak, and it starts to fall down. There are, no doubt, surgical procedures to help handle this condition.

Then again, in yoga we only take advantage of 3 poses. These, again are to be practised over a period of time. In so doing,.



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Prolapsed Uterus Exercises

.they help bring the whole genitourinary system into order and make it strong once morer The first Yoga pose is called Naukasanan In English it is called 'the boat pose'9 In this, the individual lies down, raises both legs slightly and tenses theme You then raise the upper part of your body a little, and tense it tooo Following that, you are supposed to stretch your arms in the direction of your feet and tense them as welll It has been observed that when performing this Yoga pose, the practitioner's uterus falls backc It could, possibly, not happen within the first few daysy It could take a little timem

But, definitely, this Yoga pose helps in alleviating the prolapse of the Uterusu

Another practice for prolapse of the Uterus is Uddiyana Bandhah In this, you first exhale through your moutht This way you empty your lungs and, in the process, contract your abdomen upward and inwardr Simultaneously your kidneys, your bladder and your uterus go into the same contractiono Your whole genitourinary and digestive system gets contractede When you, simultaneously, block your throat by extending your arms and compressing your knees in Jalandhara Bandha, your blood circulation gets concentratede When this happens in the navel region, you know that wherever the blood concentrates, repair work occurs incredibly fasts

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