Yogasanas for Senior Citizens

By webmaster | January 18, 2007
Yoga For Senior Citizens

Growing old is just another phase in life. In fact, I think it is a stage when you have so much more time for yourself, your family, for leisure, recreation and relaxation. Then again, it is also the time when you are more susceptible to age linked ailments to such as arthritis, rheumatism, diabetes and high blood pressure. This automatically increases the need for us senior citizens to do things to remain fit and healthy. Growing old doesnt necessarily only mean aging. I think it's like getting on with life, letting the body adjust to its limitations. Accordingly we can do special keep-fit exercises that lead to better health and better ability to cope with the aging process.

Experience has shown me that practice of milder forms of exercise such as jogging, brisk walking, and especially Yoga. Helps you adapts to your needs and abilities. These practices can easily be done by senior citizens and even pregnant women since they deal with your whole being. These practices have made my body fitter, my mind calmer and more relaxed.

Yoga, I've found is also beneficial in the prevention and control of many common health and emotional problems linked to old Age. It helps you be more in touch with yourself enabling you to accept who you are and the state you are in. This creates a positive approach in life.

In practicing Yoga, you ought to know your body and respect its limits. My personal rule is, never push yourself too hard. You've done enough of that all your life. Yoga can only be effective if you practice it correctly. The harder you try, the less you get. This has been my experience. And a lot of friends agree with me on that.

Do not lay too much stress to your already stressed out body. Remember, Yoga aims to quieten the mind as you exercise the body. And the Breathing Techniques are designed make you feel refreshed and cleanse the air passages that help prevent respiratory ailments. If you experience any pain, stop right then and there.

At age of 78, I have come up with this Yoga Session for the Elderly.

Hope they help you as much as they did me. By the way, I started at 58.

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