Power Yoga For Beginners

Power Yoga flows in a graceful sequence of Yoga asanas. However they are done together in a dynamic and challenging way. In Power Yoga stamina introduces the practitioner to Surya Namaskar.

Strength builds up through strength in the arms, chest and back. Flexibility blends with strength and suppleness to bring the full force of the body together.


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The Power Yoga movements are extremely helpful for beginners, who wish to start practising Yoga but don't have any prior experience.

Basic Movements-

There are quite a few joints in the body. They all require lubrication and mobility. The food we eat provides lubrication. Yoga and other exercises supply the mobility. In our day-to-day life some of the joints get worn-out and some are seldom used. This ends up creating problems later in life. To help these joints retain their good health, Basic Power Yoga movements are important and practical in preparing the body to take up later life.

Benefits of Power Yoga:

As the body moves and then relaxes all the muscles also move and relax save those that are used in the movements.

Hence you can easily focus on the movement of that particular muscle.

Senior Citizens and folks suffering from health problems also can do these Basic Power Yoga movements without any real strain.

Prerequisites for Basic Power Yoga movements:

  • Kids under 12 years should not practise Basic Power Yoga movements for long.
  • Every day Basic Power Yoga movements should be practised for at least 15 to 30 minutes for optimum results.
  • The best time to practice should practice is early morning. However they can also be done in the evenings keeping in mind food restrictions.
  • Food restrictions - Keep the stomach empty when practicing. That is having solid food 3 - 4 hours before practice and liquids an hour before.
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